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17 Sep 2021
Real Mum Review
Please enjoy our Real Mum Review courtesy of the fabulous team from One Fine Baby.
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09 Sep 2021
Medimart are fully stocked with NeedleCalm and our new retail packaging
Medimart Frankston is the first of our suppliers to receive our new retail packaging for NeedleCalm.
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08 Sep 2021
Meet our fabulous manufacturer PMG Engineering
Located in Braeside VIC, PMG provide local seamless end to end production of NeedleCalm and employ over 30 people. We love working with them as they are a family run business and take so much care to ensure NeedleCalm is handmade to perfection.
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02 Sep 2021
The Forgotten Tourniquet
We thought we would share a little clinical vignette about a patient with difficult venous access and the forgotten tourniquet.
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27 Aug 2021
‘How I finally overcame my fear of Needles’- A patient journey
Maryam Bami had to face her biggest fear to learn what was plaguing her health.
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17 Aug 2021
NZ gets it right
A wonderful initiative providing a calming, peaceful and accessible for people with autism and a fear of needles.
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13 Aug 2021
The Top 15 Tips for Getting Your Child Daycare Ready in 2021
One Fine Baby has prepared their Top 15 Tips for Getting Your Child Daycare ready in 2021. This includes immunisations as well as many other handy health tips.
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27 Jul 2021
The Bigham Family
I first heard about NeedleCalm on the TV news and immediately googled it but it wasn't quite available to the public then.
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22 Jul 2021
My name is Oliver, I came across Needle Calm when it was in the early stages of production and was absolutely blown away by the thought.
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27 Apr 2020
Reducing the pain: emerging technologies for IVF treatment
For many, the anticipation of needle-related pain causes stress and anxiety and in some instances leads to the avoidance of medical procedures and treatment.
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