07 Oct 2021

Case Study 1


19 year old female patient. Last immunisation at age 6.


We attended an immunisation clinic with a 19 year-old female patient for her immunisation. She had a mild to moderate needle-phobia but otherwise was in good health.

She attended the clinic with her mother as a support person and pre-applied a numbing cream however this was applied on the bicep not deltoid muscle. She also had a previous appointment with her GP to discuss the plan of attending the clinic to use NeedleCalm for the first time and an anti-anxiety medication was prescribed.

The appropriate paperwork was completed and the procedure was completed with a nurse practitioner. The patient was seated in a recliner chair and the right arm was used for the injection site. The patient commenced the deep breathing 4 square breathing technique which was maintained until the procedure was complete.

Gentle tapping in the opposite arm was performed for distraction purposes.


The procedure was completed post reassurance, comfort positioning and consent from the patient with regards to timing of the needle insertion. The NeedleCalm device was left on for >5 mins which was not ideal however the patient stated they only felt a small dull pinch sensation.

The patient felt slightly faint after the procedure however maintained a healthy general colour with no nausea.

The patient re-booked for catch- up immunisations at the clinic.

Key Highlights:

Needle phobia is common in this age group.

This typically arises after a poor experience early on in life.

Education needed around injection sites for numbing cream application and timing of the application for the NeedleCalm device.

Support persons are recommended for appointment attendance.

Deep 4 square breathing technique is useful for calming and preventing the vasovagal response.

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