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27 Apr 2020

Reducing the pain: emerging technologies for IVF treatment

For many, the anticipation of needle-related pain causes stress and anxiety and in some instances leads to the avoidance of medical procedures and treatment.

NeedleCalm Pty Ltd has developed a device with the aim of reducing the discomfort caused by needles.

IVF expert Sophia Baseotto shares her views on how this device may be useful for those considering or undergoing fertility treatment.

Sophia Baseotto – IVF Coach, Embryologist & Andrologist

The stress of fertility treatment is very well known and documented. Over the last 25 years I have personally had over 10,000 conversations with clients who are trying to conceive and there is much anxiety involved before they attend the fertility clinics.
Once at the clinic’s, clients are faced with a barrage of information and confusion when it comes to injections and blood tests. So many people are afraid of needles and with good reason too, there are a very large number of them required for fertility treatment and often times these are given at home, by inexperienced partners, consequently, more pain is expected!

Stress is important to discuss here, particularly your own bodies Chemistry. When you are scared and anxious, your body goes into flight or fight mode, this enables you to escape from your perceived danger. But what happens when there is no imminent danger, when it is the fear from having a needle inserted into your veins or injected into your body, the chemistry is still happening and this is causing your hormone levels to rise.

The hormones that are involved in this response are adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones change your blood chemistry, cause blood vessels to dilate, heart rate to increase, breathing rate increases and blood flow is diverted into your muscles to allow for your escape. Only you are not running from anything and these hormones are now surging around your body with no fight or flight action taken. Continued stress places your body into a suboptimal environment to achieve pregnancy, when you consider how many times you get stressed throughout the day, this is not ideal.

NeedleCalm Pty Ltd has created a device with the aim of reducing the stress and anxiety of needles. I look forward to seeing clinics being able to offer this to clients for use during their fertility treatment and I believe that it will make the injections and blood tests much easier.

Remembering of course, that anything that you can do to reduce the stress in your life is a good thing when you are trying to conceive. For further information on the IVF process including the emotional aspects of treatment, please contact Sophia on 0402 097 252 or go to

For more information on NeedleCalm Pty Ltd and the technologies they are developing, please go to

Bringing calm, comfort and ease to needle related procedures.