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06 Apr 2021

The beginning of the journey

This is where the journey began. In 2000, a young Lauren Barber worked with her dad, David, in the garage to create their very first invention together – Scoobie. Scoobie was every kids dream, a bike combined with a scooter. Who wouldn’t want one!

Fast forward 21 years and even though David is no longer with us, we know that he would be so proud to see that today Lauren’s latest invention – NeedleCalm – has made it to the Australian market.

Not only did David pass on the ‘mad inventor’ gene to Lauren but also a passion to do good and help others. As a nurse, Lauren saw a need to help people with a fear and anxiety of needle-related procedures and set out on a journey to develop a solution to the problem which we are happy to say that we can now offer to patients.

And in a nod to her dad, you’ll find his initials in the product code.

Bringing calm, comfort and ease to needle related procedures.