08 Feb 2022

Why medtech founder Lauren Barber’s unflinching honesty makes her an inspiration for aspiring women founders. By Royina Bakshi

Having operated in the startup world for about a year now, I’ve found that it is rare to meet founders and CEOs who give honest insights into what their road to success looked like.

This is why I was very excited to interview Lauren Barber MACN, the founder of NeedleCalm Pty Ltd whose honesty and drive is an inspiration to me and to other women who see themselves at the helm of a startup one day.

Read her incredible story here: https://lnkd.in/gV_eC97R

Huge shoutout to Startmate and Bronte McHenry for the opportunity to interview Lauren Barber MACN and share her story with the world.

If you’re a woman looking to find your dream job in a startup, I highly recommend applying to Startmate‘s Women Fellowship! The program helped me connect with incredible and ambitious women across Australia and NZ’s startup landscape and I am absolutely loved every minute of the program.

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