We are on a mission to change the narrative for patients suffering from needle phobia. NeedleCalm™ is a simple, affordable and safe way to help alleviate the physical and mental distress of needle procedures.


Comfortable & Pain-free

Made with all body shapes and sizes in mind. It’s quick and easy to use with only seconds of wait time.

Safe & Secure

Hypoallergenic. Latex free.No nasty chemicals. Compatible with many different types of needle procedures. Complies with infection control guidelines. Easy to use for patients at home.

Enhancing practice

Fits easily into the clinical workflow saving time, money and helps to minimise product wastage. Improves time to a diagnosis in busy ED settings. Helps to improve the patient experience.

Empowering Choices for Healthcare Professionals and Patients Alike

NeedleCalm™ is designed to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to help provide the best possible care for their patients. It also takes into account the varying needs of both healthcare professionals and patients alike, giving those receiving needle treatments readily available choices to alleviate possible discomfort.

NeedleCalm™ – An Innovative Medical Device

NeedleCalm™ is an innovative medical device designed to improve patient comfort and safety during procedures. Our device was created by Lauren, a medical professional who suffered an injury from a dirty needle stick. After extensive research and experimentation, she developed NeedleCalm™ to provide more effective solutions to clinical practices. NeedleCalm™ helps to ensure that patients feel safe and comfortable during procedures, while also reducing the risk of needle sticks.

Increasing Patient Comfort & Safety

In addition, it helps to reduce procedure time and stress for both medical professionals and patients, with improved accuracy and consistency, ensuring that the best possible results are achieved. Check out our Patient Stories here.

My NeedleCalm™ story

Thanks again for this invention, I genuinely don’t know what I would have done with all my fertility struggles if I didn’t find out about it when I did. 

*Christine, NSW

IVF Patient
My neighbour’s daughter suffers from mild needle phobia.  For years it has been a challenge for the parents as every hospital visit, or visit to the GP, has been a stressful experience. I crossed paths with Lauren a few years ago and learnt all about NeedleCalm and the difference this product makes for people with needle phobia. I recommended my neighbour to try the NeedleCalm patch on their daughter and it has been a game changer for them. Their daughter is now able to have a needle inserted without fear and anxiety. Keep up the good work Lauren.  NeedleCalm makes …

Eva- Neighbour of the Year!

Decreasing the stress of GP visits.
Thanks to Lauren and the Needle Calm device, I was able to receive important injections and blood tests despite my debilitating needle phobia.Back during the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, anxiety took over my entire life with the realisation that I needed to receive an injection in order to be immunised.The amazing Lauren, founder of Needle Calm reached out to me via a relevant private Facebook group and together we developed a plan to assist myself and others overcome this challenge. The Needle Calm device provided not only a physical barrier but the mental reassurance that this injection would be …

Our first ever patient!

My name is Oliver, and I have a phobia of intramuscular injections. This has been a huge mental and physical battle over the years. If I avoid my injections out of fear, I run the risk of having my body not align with who I am. If I do the injection the additional mental impact is just as much. Once I applied the device I felt all my nerves and anxiety calm down. One deep breath expecting…a too good to be true sort of pain strike as I injected, to be absolutely overjoyed to the fact that I felt…. Nothing! …


NeedleCalm™ user
I’ve now used the needle calm with two other people with milder phobias who have commented on how positive their experience was, and how simple yet effective NeedleCalm is. I make a point of explaining the physiology behind it so they can fully participate in the journey and feel more empowered with knowledge of how it works.


I have used NeedleCalm twice now for blood tests. While I do not suffer from needle phobia (Trypophobia), it worked well to block the feeling of the injection. I reached out to NeedleCalm and created this quick animation to spread the word. If you know someone who HATES needles, check out NeedleCalm.


Multimedia Producer
We are having some success with this product, especially in the young adults. I have used NeedleCalm with 3 patients so far that I believe would have needed sedating otherwise.

Nurse (Unit Manager)

Tertiary Hospital VIC

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