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Desensitizing device for needle procedures

Bringing calm, comfort and ease to needle related procedures.

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NeedleCalm™ is a single use adhesive pad with biocompatible medical grade silicone designed to promote comfort and minimise the perception of pain associated with needle related procedures.​

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Introduction to NeedleCalm™

NeedleCalm™ has developed a class I medical device to assist in alleviating the discomfort associated with needle-related procedures.

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Of those that have a fear of injections, at least 20% avoid medical treatment as a result, with some surveys reporting that from 25% to 77% of people with an extreme fear of needles will avoid medical procedures, depending on the procedure (ranging from 10% avoidance for blood tests up to 64% avoidance of flu vaccinations and 77% avoidance for donating blood).

NeedleCalm™ provides long term benefits for both the patient and health care provider. Nurses spend significant amounts of time dealing with patient anxiety, distracting the patient and in most cases with children it takes 2-3 staff to assist, especially in the Emergency Setting. A simple injection can require 20-90 minutes of time from a single staff member, time which often nurses don’t have.

“My name is Oliver, and I have a phobia of intramuscular injections. This has been a huge mental and physical battle over the years. If I avoid my injections out of fear, I run the risk of having my body not align with who I am. If I do the injection the additional mental impact is just as much.

"Once I applied the device I felt all my nerves and anxiety calm down. One deep breath expecting…a too good to be true sort of pain strike as I injected, to be absolutely overjoyed to the fact that I felt…. Nothing! I could not recommend or promote this device enough!

I highly recommend trying this out. Thank you NeedleCalm™!."

Needlecalm™ user

Bringing calm, comfort and ease to needle related procedures.