NeedleCalm is recommended for use on children aged 4 years and above and for adults under 65 years of age. NeedleCalm has not been tested on newborns.

NeedleCalm is usually not required when adults reach later adulthood however patients <65 years with conditions such as Dementia may benefit due to increased sensitivity to pain.

NeedleCalm is latex free and contains no medications. If you have a known reaction to silicone, NeedleCalm is not recommended for use.

NeedleCalm is classified as single use only. It must be immediately discarded if it comes into contact with any blood or body fluids. It is up to the discretion of the patient if NeedleCalm is to be used more than once for home use on a single patient with appropriate cleaning.

No. But NeedleCalm can be sterilised using the appropriate methods in a health care facility.

Please check with your healthcare provider before your procedure. In our experience, we have not found that the addition of a numbing cream is necessary when using NeedleCalm and could impact the adhesion of the device to the skin.

NeedleCalm should be refrigerated at 2-8degC for 4 hours prior to use. Try putting NeedleCalm in between two ice packs immediately before use to make it colder. Apply NeedleCalm to the skin and inject quicker and closer to the device (2-5cm).

A number of clinics around Australia are now stocking NeedleCalm for their patients. We’d recommend that contact your clinic directly prior to booking your appointment. NeedleCalm can also be purchased by the general public via distributors or in-store locations.

For further information, refer to the How To Use section of our website or email us at enquiries@needlecalm.com.au