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About us

NeedleCalm Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based medical device company established in 2016 by our founder and Registered Nurse Lauren who experienced a needle-stick injury requiring surgery. 7 stiches later the idea for NeedleCalm™ was born.

Released on to the Australian and New Zealand market in 2021 NeedleCalm™ provides a wholistic and compassionate improvement on current practices with a focus on improving the patient experience and decreasing healthcare avoidance.

We’re aiming to improve the hospital experience for patients and practitioners by reducing the pain, risks and inefficiencies of existing, often overlooked practices.

NeedleCalm™ provides significant, measurable value in the patient experience and an increase in overall quality of care.

Bringing calm, comfort and ease to needle related procedures.

Our awards

MTAA Women in Med Tech Finalist 2019
Medtronic Eureka Pitch Finalist 2020
Local Business Awards Finalist 2020
YBF Online Startup and Innovation Awards Finalist 2020
YBF Lift Off Awards Finalist 2021
Fred Awards Nominee 2021

Bringing calm, comfort and ease to needle related procedures.