*Karen’s Story- A 40 year battle with needle phobia.

Name changed for privacy. 

For forty years, Karen has been battling with a debilitating fear of needles. This fear, known as needle phobia, has caused her to become physically ill at the mere thought of needles. Karen’s fear of needles is so severe that she avoids medical appointments and even vaccines, putting her health at risk.

Karen’s needle phobia began in childhood, after a traumatic experience with a clinician who was administering an injection. Since then, Karen has avoided needles at all costs, even refusing to get tattoos. Her fear of needles has caused her to miss out on important medical procedures and check-ups, putting her health at risk.

Despite her fear, Karen knew she needed to face her needle phobia head-on. Karen found that using NeedleCalm made a significant difference in her anxiety levels during medical procedures.

‘’I am a 52 year old female. Have a phobia of needles to the point of making myself sick at the time of the injection. 

I think that the phobia started when I was a child.  I remember being quite sick and having to have injections of a daily basis and I could have sworn those needles were massive! 

As the years went by the fear grew worst… 

10 or so years ago I got a tattoo, wanted it really bad, however the thought of the needle was scary and I knew it would take time to draw. I ended up putting a numbing cream because I wanted the tattoo.  People will tell you that the drawing is part of the experience… 

Yearly flu vaccination are challenging as I have to tell the nurse about my phobia and to “pinch my skin where you’ll don the injection so that I can’t feel it”, some are used to people like me and can distract you quite easily, such as a chit chat & to wiggle my toes etc…

I can’t have acupuncture done for that reason and I know this can help with so many things…

Fast forward to Covid pandemic.  Around that time I saw Needle Calm on of the morning shows.  I jotted down the details (thinking that this will come in handy) 

As we were encouraged to get our vaccinations, I decided to try Needle Calm (remembering I’m a fully fledged adult!!) 

Vaccine #1: Nurse was unfamiliar with the product.  We bought NeedleCalm and read the instructions and applied the patch.  Injection was done.  I was pleasantly surprised when she said “done”.  Didn’t feel anything.  

Vaccine #2: same medical centre, different nurse. We read the instructions, and unfortunately the nurse applied the patch upside down… let say that I felt every bit of that needle… nurse was really worried that I would pass out (haven’t gotten to that stage!)

Vaccine #3: Lesson learnt from above and I decided to put the patch on myself for good measure and it worked like a charm. 

Lauren mentioned that it can be used when doing blood test.  I wished I knew this before… 

My nephew has the same issue as I, therefore will get him to try the patch next time he needs to get a needle. 

When someone says this invention was the best thing since sliced bread, well Needle Calm definitely is.  Thanks Lauren & team for coming up with such an amazing product. If only more pharmacies would stock it! ‘’

Disclaimer: Participants are not involved in the production, marketing or supply of NeedleCalm, are not related to NeedleCalm and have not received any incentives.

Needle phobia is a real and debilitating fear that can cause physical illness. However, with the right support and tools, it is possible to overcome this fear and receive the medical care that is necessary for good health. If you suffer from needle phobia, seek help from a medical professional who can provide you with the support and resources you need to manage your anxiety. Products like NeedleCalm can also be helpful in reducing the pain and anxiety associated with injections. Don’t let needle phobia hold you back from living a healthy and fulfilling life.