NeedleCalm® Receives Official Endorsement by the Australian Patients Association

Sydney, NSW 7th July 2023 – NeedleCalm®, a leading innovator in needle pain reduction technology, is thrilled to announce its official endorsement by the Australian Patients Association (APA). This significant recognition by the APA further solidifies NeedleCalm’s commitment to enhancing the patient experience during medical procedures involving needles.

The endorsement from the APA attests to the effectiveness and value of NeedleCalm’s groundbreaking technology in reducing the pain and anxiety associated with needle procedures. This recognition is a testament to NeedleCalm’s dedication to improving patient care and ensuring optimal comfort during medical procedures.

In a media release dated 9/5/2023, the Australian Patients Association welcomed the budget and highlighted the importance of implementing measures to improve healthcare experiences for patients across Australia. The endorsement of NeedleCalm® supports this objective by providing healthcare professionals with an innovative solution to alleviate needle-related pain and anxiety, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction.

In endorsing NeedleCalm®, the Australian Patients Association acknowledges the positive impact that this breakthrough technology has on patient outcomes and overall healthcare experiences. By reducing pain and anxiety associated with needle procedures, NeedleCalm® empowers both healthcare providers and patients to foster a more comfortable and compassionate healthcare environment.

The endorsement by the Australian Patients Association serves as a stamp of approval for NeedleCalm’s dedication to revolutionizing the patient experience within the healthcare industry. NeedleCalm’s technology aims to address the common fear and discomfort associated with needle injections, empowering patients to take charge of their healthcare decisions.

NeedleCalm’s innovative technology utilizes a combination of cooling and pressure mechanisms to alleviate pain and discomfort during needle procedures. By desensitizing the skin, NeedleCalm® significantly reduces the pain sensation, making injections more tolerable and less distressing for patients of all ages.

As part of its ongoing commitment to patient-centric care, NeedleCalm® will continue to collaborate with healthcare professionals and organizations, like the Australian Patients Association, to ensure that patient needs remain at the forefront of medical advancements.

NeedleCalm® is excited about the significant impact this endorsement will have on fostering a positive patient experience and looks forward to further advancing its mission to mitigate needle pain and anxiety across all healthcare settings.

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