Are your kids afraid of needles?

Here are some parenting hacks to help make sure your kids get their medicine easily and will develop a positive attitude towards receiving medical treatment.😇

As soon as a baby enters the world they undergo a series of routine procedures that involve needles like Vitamin K or Hep B injections.👣

Before leaving hospital they may additionally face a heel prick test to screen for various medical conditions. 🤨

Although infants tend to forget such experiences, by the time they turn four and their memories start to surface, they may have already undergone numerous awful needle procedures, which can increase the likelihood of developing a phobia or fear. 🤫

Imagine up to 23 of these experiences even in healthy children creating plenty of opportunities for a fear of needles to develop.😱

So when it’s time to give oral medicine it’s best to give it in a syringe to get the correct dose. However by this point kids may not be able to distinguish between a syringe for oral medication and a syringe for needle procedures.😐

Ages 4-5 are the perfect time to start using NeedleCalm as a preventative parenting hack.😉

Pro tip: Don’t give kids needle procedures in their bed whilst in hospital. This is their safe place. 👌

Ask to take them to another room for procedures.👊

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