15 Year Old Male

General Practice Clinic


15 year old male, known needle-phobic patient. Last immunisation January 2022 with difficulty and procrastination spanning over many months.

Nil significant medical history.

Nil known allergies.

Right hand dominant.


The patient was educated by his mother over a 6 month duration about NeedleCalm and the importance of needle procedures. This was the patient’s first time using NeedleCalm.

The mother brought NeedleCalm to the appointment and educated the GP on how to use the device. The GP had not heard of NeedleCalm prior to this appointment and was able to successfully use the device according to the instructions.

A Meningococcal vaccination was performed on the patient’s Left deltoid by the GP.

The patient stated that he did not feel anything, not even the medication as it was being injected.


Whilst we don’t recommend clinicians using NeedleCalm for the first time on known needle phobic patients clinical judgment needs to be exercised. This patient had no history of adverse reactions such as vasovagal reactions or palpitations. We advise that clinicians should receive training and be educated on how to use NeedleCalm prior to use.

The patient had a positive experience and felt reassured bringing NeedleCalm to the appointment and using it for his procedure.


Participants are not involved in the production, marketing or supply of NeedleCalm, are not related to NeedleCalm and have not received any incentives.