An insight into a clinician with needle phobia

We love getting people involved in our projects. A few weeks ago, we put the call out to find people a little more rare than our needle phobic patients – a clinician with a needle phobia. We were lucky enough to find Kristy Hawkins who is an anaesthetic technician. She first discovered that she had a needle […]

Endeavour Awards 2022

We are pleased to share our recent recognition for being awarded as the Endeavour Awards – Australia’s Most Outstanding Startup in 2022. Sponsored by Manufacturers Monthly, these awards represent one of the most prestigious recognitions from within the manufacturing industry. Our thanks go out to all of our sponsors and Prime Creative Media and AMGC […]

15 Year Old Male

General Practice Clinic History 15 year old male, known needle-phobic patient. Last immunisation January 2022 with difficulty and procrastination spanning over many months. Nil significant medical history. Nil known allergies. Right hand dominant. Treatment The patient was educated by his mother over a 6 month duration about NeedleCalm and the importance of needle procedures. This […]

NeedleCalm receives the Tech For Good Female Founders Award 2022

Last week we had the honour of receiving the Tech for Good Female Founder Award presented by Fishburners. It was an incredible night with a line up of some really impressive start-ups and founders including BindiMaps HomeableBookbot, LendForGood, PairTree, Humanitix, NetNada, baresop. RecycleSmart, GreenGravity, FloodMapp, Adiona,  PeakMedical,, nuroflux, Genepath Laboratories,  Compassion Creamery, JetWet Technology and […]

NeedleCalm is now readily avaliable to IVF patients

IVF treatment is probably one of the most stressful treatments involving needles that we have come across. Almost on a weekly basis we hear from patients that are having difficulty performing their procedures and worse yet having no body on hand to help them especially when it comes to those crucial trigger injections. We are […]

Our first patient.

MEDICAL HISTORY Hypothyroidism (Under Active Thyroid) MEDICATIONS Thyroxine 100mg daily Note// For the past 2-3 has been on and off 30mg Duromine (currently not taking) SUMMARY ATTEMPTED TREATMENTS/ RELIEF AND PHOBIA MANAGEMENT SIGNIFICANT EVENTS OUTCOME The patient attended her regular GP clinic for a vaccination in October 2021. The appointment was scheduled for late afternoon […]

Remember Needle-Phobia!

This acronym is a great way of remembering some simple tips and tricks to help your needle-phobic patients. Remember that giving them a few extra minutes of your time can help change a patient’s trajectory, set or re-set their relationship with their own health and their relationship with their healthcare provider. Being on the receiving […]

AUSMUM22 Finalist

We are pleased to announce that our founder and inventor of NeedleCalm has been selected as a finalist in this years @ausmumpreneur awards in the Product Innovation category. We are honoured to be a part of this spectacular network of female entrepreneurs. Head to to view the full list of finalists. Stay tuned for more news after the […]

Welcome to our new stockists

Pharmacists play such an important role in keeping us healthy and providing accurate and up to date information. We are pleased to have the support of so many pharmacists now who see the benefits that NeedleCalm can provide to the general population. With the ever changing vaccine arena regardless of what type of vaccine is […]

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers

Today we just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of our customers who have purchased NeedleCalm and supported us this past year. To date we have:-over 50 GP practices all around Australia that have purchased NeedleCalm– Some customers are up to their 5th orders since market release in March 2021– An overwhelming […]

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership- My Mirror

When needle fear and phobia becomes difficult to manage or starts to intervene in your life talking to a psychologist can be a great help. A psychologist will use evidence based treatments to help you build strategies and overcome the hurdles you may face. My Mirror online psychology offers sessions with experienced AHPRA registered psychologists […]