Real Mum Review

So …….here it is!! Please enjoy our Real Mum Review courtesy of the fabulous team from One Fine Baby. Their resident ‘needle-phobe’ Alex bravely tried NeedleCalm for her vaccine. The review also features a young superstar having a needle and he didn’t even flinch! #NeedleCalm#OneandDone

The Bigham Family

I first heard about NeedleCalm on the TV news and immediately googled it but it wasn’t quite available to the public then. My 9 year old son had a traumatic needle experience last year in hospital and managed to work himself up into such a state at the mention of needing bloods taken again or […]


My name is Oliver, I came across Needle Calm when it was in the early stages of production and was absolutely blown away by the thought. I am a 32-year-old Transgender male and I rely heavily on fortnightly injections of testosterone to continue my hormone therapy. I have been on testosterone for 9 years now, […]