Local Business Owner Contributes to Community Through Innovative Skills Development Program

This week Lauren had the honor of participating in a program called ‘Enterprise in the Community’ run by Seven Mile and facilitator Greg Twemlow. The program delivered a workshop to a cohort of 38 year 10 students at Balgowlah Boys High School in Sydney, Australia with 5 local business owners.

This program, now in its third year has seen enormous success through the involvement of local business owners allowing the boys to help solve real world problems that the businesses are experiencing. 

Our NeedleCalm® boys were given two and a half days to help with raising awareness about needle phobia and our solution and came up with a fantastic idea which they named operation ‘Youth Calm’

All of the students showed excellent teamwork, problem solving and presentation skills. Go Bally Boys!

“Enterprise in the Community”. You can read about the program here: https://www.sevenmile.org.au/blog/enterprise-in-the-community,