Self- injections

We don’t usually put getting an injection on our bucket list, but shit happens.

Respect if you have been able to accomplish this task either by yourself or with help!

There may be some needle procedures that hurt more than others. 

Here are some of our top ouchies: 

  1. Intramuscular injections- These go into the muscle and require a larger needle.
  2. HPV vaccines: These are provided free in Australia under the National Immunisation Program for young ones aged approximately 12-13. We are seeing a lot of needle phobia occur in this age group. 
  3. Clexane: You likely know someone who has had this in hospital after surgery or for pregnancy. Ask them about it!
  4. IVF injections: Progesterone is now an option in Australia for people who do not like those disgusting pessaries for luteal support. 
  5. Butt injections: Such as B12, antibiotics. These can be thick and therefore need to be given slowly. 
  6. Local anaesthetic: These are commonly given for minor skin procedures such as sutures and skin biopsies. Ask your treating clinician to use the feathering technique with NeedleCalm- it’s our favourite. 

The great news is that you don’t have to be a needlephobe to use NeedleCalm and it can be used for ALL of these procedures. 

It just needs to go In between the PAIN and the BRAIN – or above where the needle is going. 

Simply slam it down and sneak in the medication. Super easy! 

The tape can easily be ripped off to make it easier for those at home, plus you can use it to cover the injection site once you’re done!

NeedleCalm might be a great way to patch up your pain issue. Check it out if it’s holding you back from your health journey.

Lauren’s top tip: Take a big deep breath in and start exhaling slowly as you put NeedleCalm on and administer the medication.

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