Our first ever patient!

Thanks to Lauren and the Needle Calm device, I was able to receive important injections and blood tests despite my debilitating needle phobia.
Back during the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, anxiety took over my entire life with the realisation that I needed to receive an injection in order to be immunised.
The amazing Lauren, founder of Needle Calm reached out to me via a relevant private Facebook group and together we developed a plan to assist myself and others overcome this challenge.

The Needle Calm device provided not only a physical barrier but the mental reassurance that this injection would be more comfortable.
Prior to using the Needle Calm device, I hadn’t had an injection for well over 10 years and had avoided receiving medical care in the past due to the fear I had of potentially having to receive a needle. I had tried all sorts of therapies and treatments to attempt to overcome my phobia with little to no improvement.

I truly believe this device should be rolled out through all hospitals and used for both adults and children in order to make needles more comfortable.
The team at Needle Calm are so knowledgeable and come from a place of both compassion and experience.

Do not hesitate to reach out to them, they have a genuine passion for helping others and may just provide you with a way to overcome your doubts/fears/phobias.