My neighbour’s daughter suffers from mild needle phobia.  For years it has been a challenge for the parents as every hospital visit, or visit to the GP, has been a stressful experience. I crossed paths with Lauren a few years ago and learnt all about NeedleCalm and the difference this product makes for people with […]

*Christine, NSW

Thanks again for this invention, I genuinely don’t know what I would have done with all my fertility struggles if I didn’t find out about it when I did. 

Our first ever patient!

Thanks to Lauren and the Needle Calm device, I was able to receive important injections and blood tests despite my debilitating needle phobia.Back during the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, anxiety took over my entire life with the realisation that I needed to receive an injection in order to be immunised.The amazing Lauren, founder of […]

Nurse (Unit Manager)

We are having some success with this product, especially in the young adults. I have used NeedleCalm with 3 patients so far that I believe would have needed sedating otherwise.


I have used NeedleCalm twice now for blood tests. While I do not suffer from needle phobia (Trypophobia), it worked well to block the feeling of the injection. I reached out to NeedleCalm and created this quick animation to spread the word. If you know someone who HATES needles, check out NeedleCalm.


I’ve now used the needle calm with two other people with milder phobias who have commented on how positive their experience was, and how simple yet effective NeedleCalm is. I make a point of explaining the physiology behind it so they can fully participate in the journey and feel more empowered with knowledge of how […]


My name is Oliver, and I have a phobia of intramuscular injections. This has been a huge mental and physical battle over the years. If I avoid my injections out of fear, I run the risk of having my body not align with who I am. If I do the injection the additional mental impact […]